website Escape World

Escape box in Prinsenhof
Together with Escape World, we made an escape box for Museum Prinsenhof to celebrate the temporal return of the painting of "Het straatje van Vermeer" by Johannes Vermeer.
chaise longue made of teak

DMF website updated
The website of the Delftse Meubelfabriek has been updated. Do take a look.
website Delftse

Delftse atelierroute
We show our furniture and woodenware at the workshop of Jos Rieken, Achterom 40A in Delft during the Delftse Atelierroute 2015 on October 10 and 11.
Cheese knife with cover

Wooden kitchenware
We have added more items to our webshop on Etsy. A lot of wooden kitchenware for example. Check it out at:
Delft Chambre Music Festival 2014

Our design for 2014 poster
The Delft Music Festival asked us to design the dress for the 2014 Festival poster.
DMF logo

Delftse Meubelfabriek started
From now on Maurits Dingeldein makes beautiful furniture, also on demand, in de Delftse Meubelfabriek. Check out the website:
etsy logo

Our Etsy webshop is open.
handmade wooden chair

New in our workshop
Handmade wooden chairs have been added to our collection. Check the website or visit the workshop

Women in Technology
Women in Technology calendar in Career Magazine.
studentes stralen in de

Studentes stralen in de techniek:
Women in Technology calendar in De Volkskrant.
meiden en marketing

Meiden en marketing
Women in Technology calendar again in the Delta, the newspaper of Delft University of Technology.
beauty and brains

Beauty and brains
Women in Technology calendar in the Delta, the newspaper of Delft University of Technology.
leeghwater gezelschap delft

Women in Technology
Our clothes were used to dress twelve women in technology for the yearly calendar of the Leeghwater Gezelschap of the Mechnical Engineering faculty at Delft University of technology.
        fashion competition

Green Fashion Competition
MAURITS DINGELDEIN participates in The Green Fashion Competition, organised by the Amsterdam International Fashion Week.
        Maurits Dingeldein design

Living Displays day,Photo's of 'levende etalagedag' on Saturday April 10, 2010 are . Here you find the photo of Maurits Dingeldein design at Van Waay & Soetekouw
poster levende etalagedag

Living display day
Saturday April 10,2010, our design will be combined with mainly Italian interior and furniture design at Van Waay & Soetekouw at Markt 17 in Delft during the Delft living display day from 13-17 hours.

Tuesday November 24, 2009
Organic t-shirts have been added to our webshop

Wednesday November 11, 2009
Our webshop is online. Jewellery and furniture items are for sale there. In short time new items will be added, like organic t-shirts.
Galerie Lous Martin

Bracelets at sale at LousMartin
Monday September 28, 2009, our bracelets are now also for sale at Galerie Lous Martin in the Kromstraat in Delft.

Courses starting
Monday September 14, 2009, our workshop starts with sowing courses and designing workshops. For more information, click here
Parels van Delft

Sunday September 6, 2009
12-17 hours, Parels van Delft, all workshops in our neighbourhood (Achterom, Breestraat and Lange Geer, open for visits